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Here is where we pursue our quest for world domination sticker by sticker. Our goal is simple: Visit every country on the planet and document it.

It’s been quite a journey for our intrepid little traveler since bursting on the scene some years back. We are pleased to announce that after embarking from the Ol’ US of A for points east we have secured a toehold in Europe with “Sticks” in Paris, Amsterdam and Lucerne. We then continued onward to the community of Dharamsala in India. From there we landed in Santiego de Chile. Check back for more pics in the coming months!


Join the Fun!

  1. Stick It

    It’s easy! Take an NWA sticker on your next trip, and when the spirit moves you, stick it down.

  2. Submit A Pic

    Email us a jpeg of the “Stick” with a description of place and date. Note: The better the resolution, the better it will look on the web. We will add your sticker location to the world map, with a link to your photo. It will also show up on our Instagram page.

  3. Repeat

    We will replace your sticker (assuming it is staying where you stuck it) with a brand spanking new one, including FREE shipping! So be sure to tell us where we can mail your new sticker!